Budleigh Salterton Dental Practice

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Dental Treatments

All types of dental treatment are undertaken by our team of dentists, led by Dr Olivelle, who have exceptional clinical standards and regularly attend and updated themselves on new techniques and materials.  These include all forms of general dentistry, dental implants and cosmetic treatment. These treatments are offered with various forms of anaesthesia, (if appropriate), to make your time in the chair as relaxed and comfortable as possible. All our surgeries are bright and modern and even offers DVD viewing from the dental chair! (We have a choice of relaxation DVD’s or you can bring along your own to play).

Advances in dentistry and new techniques have made it possible to restore your teeth and gums even if they have been neglected or damaged and Dr Olivelle prides himself on offering the very best treatment and works to an exceptional standard. When restoring teeth, he aims to create a result that enhances the appearance of your smile but will also consider factors such as function and speech.

Having a confident, natural smile is one of your greatest assets. Unfortunately, many people do not have the confidence to smile due to the appearance of their teeth and this in turn affects their self-esteem and the way that they are perceived by others. With a combination, or sometimes even with just one of these treatments, it is possible to make a real difference to your smile.