Budleigh Salterton Dental Practice

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Fee Guide


Examination and Diagnosis
New Patient Consultation£65.00
Routine Examination only£55.00
Routine Examination with mini clean & polish£75.00
Digital radiographs each£10.00
Implant Consultation & Assessment£100.00
Simple extractionfrom£85.00*
Complicated extractionfrom£135.00*
Surgical extractionfrom£180.00*
Prevention and Gum Treatment
Hygienist session (30 minutes)£50.00
Tooth sealantper tooth£25.00
Sports mouth guard (tailor made)from£50.00
White fillingfrom£85.00**
Tooth Whitening
Smile Consultation£50.00
Upper or Lower jaw (Silver Package)£195.00
Both jaws (at same appointment)£295.00
Enlighten Gold Package£450.00
Enlighten Platinum Package£595.00
Root Treatment
Incisor or Canine tooth£295.00
Premolar tooth£395.00
Molar tooth£495.00
Crown and Bridge
Gold bonded porcelain/Core build-up£450.00
Full gold crown/Core build-up£495.00
Cast gold post£100.00
Porcelain veneerfrom£495.00
All-Ceramic (lab fabricated) crown£550.00
Cerec ceramic (in-house, same day) crown£650.00
Bonded bridgeper unit£400.00
Re-cement crown£55.00
Full upper and lower acrylicfrom£995.00
Full upper or lower acrylicfrom£695.00
Partial upper or lower acrylicfrom£350.00
Partial chrome denturefrom£695.00
Valplast denturefrom£695.00
Chrome palate on full upper£150.00
Soft liningfrom£100.00
Denture adjustment£50.00
Denture repairsfrom£50.00
Fitting adjustments£45.00
Facial Rejuvenation Treatment
Botox treatmentfrom£150.00
Dermal Fillersfrom£250.00
Lip Enhancementfrom£250.00


The cost of facial rejuvenation treatment depends on the number of areas/dose required in order to achieve the desired appearance.

*Fees vary according to the complexity of treatment and will be charged by the time required.

**All fillings are carried out using the highest quality materials and should any fail within the first year of placement, it will be repaired free of charge.